We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about The House Hero.

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“Clint is a great person..I am buying a house from him.and I would do it again thank you Clint for everything.” -Kevin S.

Kevin S.

“Clint was excellent. He helped me get set up in a decent place to live in Evansville as I moved from Terre Haute. I lived there for almost two years before moving due to work relocation. In those two years, I had minimal issues and when I did have something come up, he was very prompt in resolving the issue. I would definitely rent from him again.” -Mark M

Mark M.

“He offers creative ways for buyers to obtain the dream of home ownership otherwise impossible without him. He is a life changer. He specializes in keeping families together that without his effort may fall apart because the home they are in is the glue that holds them together.” -Brandon S.

Brandon S.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I highly recommend Clint!”

Jason L.